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I want my website to be a virtual leasing office.

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I want to spend less time on updating my market survey and have better information on hand along with impressive reports.


"Tablets Now Reportedly in a Majority of US Households" by Marketing Charts

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"Mobile Internet Access Grows Across Age Groups" by MarketingCharts

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Lease Apartments on Tablets, Laptops, and Desktops

Welcome to the Ultimate Desktop. SweetSpot connects you to your most vital leasing and marketing tools simultaneously. It sets you free to lease and manage wherever you like: by your pool, in your clubroom or fitness center, in your model or available unit, or at your desk.

Login to SweetSpot on your desktop, iPad, tablet, smartphone or laptop and share instant access through all of your computers and mobile devices -- open leasing and management applications with just one login and password. And that is only the beginning of being home free with SweetSpot. SweetSpot is not just about the iPad or leasing on the go: it is about time-saving integration that pulls all your prime resources into one central location with you at the control panel.


  • Enhances leasing data for best visibility, prospect interaction and quick close.
  • Show off brilliant, digital neighborhood tour with places of interest.
  • Pre-qualify prospects with SweetSpot tools by determining how much a prospect can afford and it even calculates prorates.
  • Show prospects how their apartment is situated to amenities, parking and courtyards.
  • Enter guest card data directly into SweetSpot or access through
  • Share interior finishes, photo gallery and floor plans.
  • Share current availability at your fingertips.


  • Integrates seamlessly with your current website and desktop.
  • Connects rental application, screening services, guest card data.
  • Get critical market updates, Craigslist ad responses, statistics, and real time availability from subscribed services with one click or touch.
  • Deliver guest card data through directly into AMSI, MRI, Yardi or Real Page software.
  • Create property tour notes with ease.
  • Super shortcut features and much more.


iManage: iPad for Property Managers

For property managers, business as usual has been left at the office. Onsite and online, today's managers increasingly have one indispensible tool with them at all times: an iPad.

It's not a laptop, not a netbook, not even a big iPhone. The iPad is a lightweight, supercharged tablet capable of reinventing a property manager's point of sale while staying in the loop on their e-mail, calendars, tenant requests, social networks and more.

The iPad is making major in-roads into business, where it can create more engaging, breathtaking presentations, eye-popping video conferencing and take mobile computing to a whole new level.

Following a series of conversations about the iPad at last April's IREM Summit, JPM® thought it appropriate to feature how CPM Members are integrating the iPad into their business.

The praise was extravagant. IREM Members love their iPad. From IREM Chapter meetings and tenant tours to social networks and photos, the iPad has proven itself to be more than a one-trick pony--not merely a receptacle for music, photos and movies--but a powerhouse of production and efficiency.

The iPad is helping tenants visualize the potential of a space, making property tours more intimate than ever and simplifying the leasing process by enabling tenants to sign their leases with the touch of a finger. It even has the capability to enable property managers in New York to take aerial measurements of their parking lots in Texas.

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