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When I used the SweetSpot iPad on tour the prospects look at me like: "WOW" how fancy and how professional! It also brings up more conversations with the prospects, especially if they are into the iPad devices.

It really keeps me more organized. When I enter their guest card into the SweetSpot iPad it goes right into ILoveLeasing.com, and then I can email them right after the tour. All the info is in there and I can just click send.

Availability and floor plans are also displayed, so when I'm on tour I can show them other layouts and other options to overcome their objectives. The camera feature is awesome. I go into vacant units and record the views so when they are occupied, and I have nothing to show, I can show prospects the video of what their views would look like. It helps us to close prospects. Also, I can take pictures of the units/ views and email it to prospects who are serious about renting over the phone. My only wish is that we had a third one for the office!

Brian Fitzgerald
ZRS Management, LLC

Brian leased the $4,500 Penthouse using the iPad and SweetSpot! It is still occupied and the prospect would not commit until she saw it. He went and videotaped the unit and the view and she rented!

No broker commissions needed! The iPad paid for itself three times over in that one sale!

Laura Rodriguez
Regional Manager
ZRS Management, LLC

I'm new to leasing and this platform is very exciting!! Organization has been a struggle for me and I love the way SWEETSPOT is set up, it will help me so much. Thank you!

Amy Jones
Allison Shelton Real Estate

From a Property Manager's view I appreciate having SweetSpot at my finger tips. This platform helps me access all the leasing programs at once. It also helps when training new employees, so that they do not have to learn new logins and passwords for the each new program they are introduced too.

Lauren Schramka
ZRS Management, LLC

SweetSpot helps our leasing teams be more efficient and they love the one-stop dashboard for all their leasing tools. The ability to access your Market Survey Tools while touring is a great feature!

Irini Boeder
Lincoln Property Company

Three things I LOVE about SweetSpot -- First, It has made my life so much easier having ILoveLeasing.com instantly available at all times. It runs faster on the iPad than it does on my desktop computer so I've been following up with inquires much faster and more effectively than before.

Second, I'm a huge fan of note taking during tours and I took it a step further by taking SweetSpot with me whenever I walk the property or when I open or show units. No more pen and notebook or struggling to remember work orders.

Lastly, I constantly update our social network sites, so its so easy to switch back and forth from my Twitter and Facebook and not have to worry about leaving it open because of the security features, which makes me very happy. Working on the go is the future. As a SMP with our company, I always want to take my work with me and this is helping make those tasks so much easier. We have up to three people in the office at once, and only two computers, so now I don't have to wait to get my work done anymore! That has been a huge benefit for me. Thanks guys!

Pryncess Sanford
Sales Professional
Nolan Real Estate Services