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  • How can I order SweetSpot? SweetSpot is free only to existing clients of,, or However if you are not already a client, then you can order SweetSpot for a one time fee of $200 per property plus $20.00 per month per property which includes all the setup of all your programs as well as the setup of floorplans, pricing, photos, etc. and we also provide a 20 minute remote training with your onsite team.

    You can also have us do a redraw/colorize of your floorplans and even make them interactive where you can move furniture around in the floorplans and of course we also have the option to make your floorplans 3D. Email for a quote of all the add-in services which are all optional and a la carte.
  • How should I sell this to my company? It's a TIME SAVER & MOBILE LEASING SOLUTION! SweetSpot is a dashboard you can customize with all your daily software programs to so you have shortcuts to every program you use…including shortcuts to your photos, floorplans, etc so that you can use the SweetSpot dashboard on an iPad or desktop computer to assist in leasing! You can also order iPads from us to let you take your leasing "on the go". Close a prospect in the model with your iPad and SweetSpot!
  • Can replace our "hard copy" spiral leasing notebooks? Yes, however, you will need to talk with your decision maker at your company and ask them to get with us so we can make sure you have all you need from your notebook inside SweetSpot.
  • Can I access my SweetSpot personalized leasing dashboard from any computer including my desktop computer in my office, my laptop or an iPad? Yes, absolutely you can access your personalized dashboard from any computer.
  • Can I move the dashboard icons around to best fit my own daily workflow? Yes, you can move them around on any PC but you cannot move them around on any Apple device (like an iPad or MacBook). However, if you organize them on a PC, then that same organization will be visible when you login thru an Apple product.
  • If your company allows iPads, then here are some answers to questions we often receive about SweetSpot & leasing on an iPad:
    • Can I print from an iPad? Yes, you can print from the iPad. It uses wireless printing and only works with some printers. The details can be found on the Apple webite. I have never had any need or desire to print from my iPad.

      There are alternatives to printing from the iPad -- one is putting documents to be printed in Dropbox and printing them from a computer. Here's a great video on how to use Dropbox on the iPad:
    • Does the iPad have a USB Port? The iPad does not have a USB Port, and you probably will not miss it. Files can be placed in Dropbox. The Dropbox app on the iPad makes it easy to share files across platforms. It acts as a virtual USB drive. Files can also be easily emailed from your computer to an iPad.
    • Can I write a leasing/rental contract on my iPad? We have all the tools you need to sign any contracts on your iPad but to get started we will need all your leasing contracts and related paperwork in PDF format. Then we'll get things setup for you. You will be required to purchase an app called Noterize. We have tested other apps...but Noterize is by far the easiest to use. We will store your blank lease docs inside Dropbox and these blank docs can be shared across your leasing office.

      You can then access any leasing docs when you need them and you can type or write on them and new residents can sign those docs right on the iPad screen. You can email all signed/executed docs from the iPad and in general you don't need to print blank leasing contracts anymore for everyone to sign in triplicate anymore!
    • How much does Internet access for the iPad cost? All iPads work on Wi-Fi and some work on 3G networks. Wi-Fi access is usually free and no data plan is required. The 3G models require a data plan for accessing the 3G network. Plans start at $15 dollars a month for limited access and larger plans are available from carriers like AT&T. IPads with 3G are available via mobile carriers AT&T or Verizon. is the parent company of and we can purchase iPads for you, have them engraved with your company name and load your floorplans, photos and virtual tours right on the iPad hard drive so you don't have to access those over wireless. Plus we also lock down the iPad with parental controls to keep the iPad blocked from porn, movie downloads and other non-business related activities. Email us at and we will email you an order form with all the info you need to purchase the right iPad for your business.
    • Can I take notes on the iPad? If you are a note taker you will appreciate the Evernote app for the iPad. It can be used on your phone, tablet or PC to write notes or clip Web pages. I start a notebook in Evernote for each project, and the notebooks become your working files, complete with legal contracts, notes, photographs, voice notes and even emails. Everything is tagged for easy retrieval and can be printed if needed.